Halo: Escalation - Issue #9


  • The portal is Blue Team’s means of returning to Installation 03 and therefore getting back home, as we do not know where the portal has taken them. I think that the portal will end up closing, and John won’t make it through but the rest of Blue Team will - setting up Locke and Thel trying to track him down.
  • 6 Composers, 6 remaining Halo rings… Hmm, could the Ur-Didact be looking to augment the Halos so that they fire a different kind of pulse - one that assimilates, rather than destroys? Does he know that the Flood is returning, then? That’s a pretty good plan if this is the case - turn the entire galaxy into his own army of Prometheans.
  • Following on from this, he’s holding an Activation Index - probably the one for Installation 03 that was on Ivanoff Station in Halo 4’s penultimate mission. In the data log for the Index, it was stated that they have secondary and tertiary functions - perhaps we’ll see what those are. I doubt he’s just going to use it to club Blue Team over the head with…
  • Oh yeah, 6 Composers… We knew from Silentium and Halo 4’s Terminals that there were many Composers, but we thought that the one in Halo 4 was the last one. Turns out, there’s a Composer’s Forge where the Didact has created more.
  • I think it’s possible that the Scanned trailer for Halo 4 could have been a subtle bit of foreshadowing. John is never actually captured by the Didact in Halo 4, but he may be in Escalation so the events shown in that trailer may occur canonically in Issue #10.
  • Last but not least, the art will still be shit.